Wristwatch Male Clock Fashion LED Watch

1.Normal time mode.Screen displays the hours / minutes / seconds / week.

  Press the key s4 to view  month and date;

  Press s2 key once to enter the Stopwatch Mode.

  Press s2 key twice to enter alarm setting mode.

  Press s2 key three times to enter the time setting mode.

  Press the key s3 to view the alarm time.

2.Under stopwatch mode, press s4 button start / end timing.Press s3 key to split time.

  Timing is complete, press key s3 zero .

3.Under the alarm setting mode, press the switch s3 hours / minutes to adjust sequence.

  Press the keys s4 to adjust sequence.Set the alarm time then press key s2 return .

4.Under normal time mode, press and hold the button s3 down.while pressing S4 key the on / off alarm .

5.Time setting mode,Press the button s3 to switch to adjust sequence seconds / minutes / hours / month / day / week respectively.

  Press the keys s4 to adjust.complete the set ,Press the key s2 to return .

6.Any mode,Press the key s1 backlight .Press key s1 and hold,Multicolored flashing backlight exchange.

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